“Bowim” Capital Group includes parent “Bowim” and following subsidiaries:

  • Bowim-Podkarpacie Ltd with seat in Rzeszów,
  • Betstal Ltd with seat in Gliwice,
  • Passat-Stal joint stock company with seat in Biała

Main activity of “Bowim” Capital Group is:

  • distribution of metals and metal ores,
  •  transport service,
  •  production of reinforcement,
  •  cross and longitudinal service flat products.

Bowim-Podkarpacie Sp. z o.o. situated in Rzeszow

Bowim-Podkarpacie Sp. z o.o. is focused on the sales of steel goods In the local market of the Podkarpacie region. Bowim-Podkarpacie Sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of non-alloy and low-alloy carbon steel from domestic and foreign manufacturers, especially sheets, bars (including reinforcement bars), sections, pipes, tubes and beams.

Betstal Sp. z o.o. situated in Gliwice

Betstal Sp. z o.o. carries out the production exclusively for the Issuer. Betstal Sp. z o.o. is focused on the production of reinforcement elements. The Rebar Shop of Betstal Sp. z o.o. is able to produce all shapes of steel goods within the following rod diameter range: 6 mm up to 40 mm. The facility is equipped in the state-of-the-art machines for the production of reinforcement:
a rod cutting line, stirrup production units and bending appliances. It also operates two units for production of reinforcing baskets for foundation piles. Their capacity, depending on the number of diameters of processed rods, reaches approximately 3500 tons per month.

Passat-Stal S.A. situated in Biala, nearby Plock

Passat-Stal S.A. has been operating in the market since 2000, regularly improving the professional machinery range and increasing the choice of offered goods and services. The Company supplies steel sheets, plates, coils and strips as well as steel sections. Passat-Stal S.A. provides also the slitting, shearing, steel processing and profiling services. Passat-Stal S.A. is currently a steel service centre offering significantly processed goods.